Locating Underground Utilities

Manitoba does NOT have a FREE one call utility locate service that includes ALL service providers.

MB1Call facilitates public utility locates and offers a full location service of privately owned utilities anywhere in Manitoba, Nunavut, North Western Ontario and Eastern Saskatchewan.

There's More Under Your Feet Than You Think!

Cables, Pipes, Electrical Power, Natural Gas, Liquid Propane, Water, Sewer, Irrigation Lines, Septic Fields, Septic Tanks, Internet / Data / Fibre Optics, Television, Telecommunication Lines and so much more.

Public Utilities:

- Only locate their own property (i.e. the line going to your house/meter).

- Do not locate additional lines you may have going other structures such as your garage, barn, swimming pool etc.

Public Utilities in ManitobaWhat can I expect from Manitoba public utilities?

Residential homeowners need to be aware of:

1. Power
2. Natural Gas or Propane
3. Telephone and Internet
4. Municipal Sewer and Water
5. Any other privately owned utilities such as power to other structures on your property

If you need help determining what is on your property, call before you dig 204 777-6590 or click before you dig and we can help!

Dig Safe!


Anytime you disturb the ground, whether you are digging with a shovel, boring holes using an auger, for a fence, foundation posts, or planting trees and shrubs, you run the risk of cutting into underground services with potential for personal injury, damage to property, or disruption of a service.

Disturbing the ground for any reason, regardless of the depth, be safe and contact us to locate any utilities (gas, power, water, sewer and communications lines)

Remember, you may be liable for any personal injury or property damage that my result from work in your property.



Utilities in ManitobaUtilities in Manitoba