About MB1Call

Our team of qualified utility locators work with public and private utilities to provide timely and accurate information that allows excavators to dig with confidence. Services include:

• Facilitating locates of publicly owned utilities
• Locating privately owned utilities in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Nunavut
• Interior locating
• Performing utility locates with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) as well as standard pipe and cable locators

COR CertificationWe are COR Certified. Our experienced locators have all acquired a proven level of competency prior to being sent out into the field. Our technicians are also trained in GPR and other advanced technologies.

Establishing strong relationships in Manitoba’s business and utility communities through competent, safe work practises is our mandate. As a member of industry relevant associations, we are actively interested and invested in the future of cost effective, safe utility locating practices.

Utility Locating Services

• Privately Owned Utility Locates
• Facilitate Public Utility Locates
• Interior Locating
• Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
• Standard Pipe and Cable Locators
• Thermographic Imaging
• Standard Pipe and Cable Locators

Memberships / Associations

BOMA - Building Owners & Managers of Manitoba
CAPULC - Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locator Contractors
CARM - Construction Association of Rural Manitoba
COR Certified
Certified Utility Locator - Staking University
CSDA - Association of Cutting Professionals
ISN Networld
MCGA - Manitoba Common Ground Alliance
Manitoba Heavy Construction Association
Winnipeg Construction Association
Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba